Earlier i have stated that ‘It is all a matter of proportion’. A statement probably inspired by common knowledge in matters of formal esthetics. Like in rules of composition as the sectio aurea (gulden snee, divina proportia). Now i have come to consider that traditionally these rules were only used als being instrumental to the dominance of the final object or objectrelated scene. The study of proportion is the road to a presupposed and definite goal.
It is my opinion that the interest in the endproduct of artistic endeavor is to be encouraged by closely shadowing the journey that until then has been undertaken. We may speak in this view of the process of research, a shared esthetic attitude of artists and observers. To become aware of the possibilities that may pop up in this process is thus driven by the motivation ‘to relate’.
I find the act of pre-modelling and animating of sensible relations crucial to research in art and of high esthetic importance. The value could be descibed as ‘liaison ability’ using transversal thinking as a critical method. The shift of attention from object-product to process-development is closely related to the modernist discours around reality and abstraction, public affairs and utopia. To subsequently create more insight into the changing courtship-ratio between art and life, art and culture.

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